Built-in Procedures

Built-in procedures are predeclared. They are called like any other procedure but some of them accept a type rather than an expression as their first argument.

Built-in procedures do not have standard types and cannot be passed around like a normal procedure.

Length and capacity

The built-in procedures len and cap take arguments of various types and return a result of type int or untyped int (if the value is constant). It is guaranteed that the value will fit into int.

Both of these procedures allow a point to the argument type too.

Call     Argument type     Result

len(s)   string type       string length in bytes
         [N]T              array length (== N)
         [vector N]T       vector length (== N)
         []T               slice length
         [dynamic]T        dynamic array length
         map[K]T           number of defined keys 

cap(s)   [N]T              array length (== N)
         []T               slice capacity
         [dynamic]T        dynamic array capacity
         map[K]T           capacity of values

The capacity of a slice and dynamic array is the number of elements for which there is space allocated for the underlying array. At any time, the following relation holds:

0 <= len(s) <= cap(s)

The length or capacity of a nil slice, dynamic array or map is 0.

If the expression is constant, the length and/or capacity will be a constant untyped integer.


new and free and make

len, cap

size_of, align_of, offset_of
type_of, type_info_of



complex, quaternion
real, imag, jmag, kmag


min, max, abs, clamp


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